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Dawe to Door work to enable you to make your own choices. We are here to support you in your activities, and to make sure that we can maintain your hobbies and social interests as much as is possible.


We think that to keep you active in both your mind and body will keep you both mentally and physically healthy. Our aim is to give you activities to focus on and look forward to, and keep that happy and enjoyment feeling from our first meeting all the way through our activities together.


So it is up to you. What would you like to do today?

Community Support

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Do you like to get fresh air and some exercise? We take walks, go on bike rides, or just even a drive out to see the beautiful sights of The Peak District. We also like to stop off for an icecream or a nice drink. Whatever you decide.

Would you like to go and see some live action sports? We have access to all kinds of sporting events; and with a team here at Dawe to Door who love sports, you could have the perfect companion.


Maybe you would prefer to be active, rather than watch. We have active links with fully qualified personal trainers and class instructors, who offer our clients a wide range of fitness choices to keep you fit and healthy. Visit our link below for further details.





We also support our clients as 'Gym Buddies' and quite often have fitness mornings or afternoons, in which a gym session can be followed by a relaxing spa. Maybe swimming is more for you? Just let us know.

To keep our minds active and healthy, we love a good old game of bingo. Not only does it exercise your brain, but it also introduces you to some good friends. A gossip, a giggle or maybe just chewing the fat for an hour is a great way to relax and unwind. We cover both afternoon and evening sessions.

How about a nice stroll and a coffee at a garden center? We have many beautiful places like these to visit, with interesting things to look at and some good shops too. Maybe you could get some great ideas for your own home, or maybe just to stop and smell the flowers. It is completely up to you.

These are just a few examples of the support that we offer. We also have links to Community groups that have a wide range of interests, and are happy to support or signpost you to these groups. If we cannot accomodate your needs, we will make it our mission to find people who can. Your happiness is our job satisfaction, just ask!

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