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Gardening, Cleaning, Decorating & Handy-Man Services

Your garden is your own Eden; your own piece of Paradise. Getting some fresh air isn't just about going out for a walk or leaving your home. A nice and relaxing time can be had while you sit in your own peace and quiet, watching the world go by and drawing in nature.

However, if you find you can't tend to your garden yourself, or it has just got too big a task, our lovely team can come and get it back to scratch for you. Mowing, weeding, planting and maintaining your garden for you will leave you looking forward to that beautiful day when you can once again enjoy the tranquility.

Here at Dawe to Door, we completely understand that positive mental health doesn't just come from within you, but also around you. If you feel frustrated and down due to that messy garden, that fallen down shelf or the old wallpaper in the lounge, then you will get that same feeling every time you look at it. So let us fix that for you!

With over 25 years experience in Painting & Decorating, our team can help you transform your decor, in whichever way you would like. Keeping your own choices as a main priority, we can provide you will new wallpaper, a fresh lick of paint or a complete change in your home. Just request a free quote, and we are happy to discuss your ideas and choices with you.

A cluttered house is a cluttered mind, and will be a daunting prospect to try and attempt to clear by yourself. Here at Dawe to Door, we can work with you and at your own pace to reduce your clutter, and enable you to live in a clearer and less hectic environment. If you think you may need a decluttering, we can come and visit you to answer any questions and help you in this process.


Our handy-man service is a helping hand for any of your small jobs you may have around the home. We change lightbulbs, put up shelves, curtain rails, brackets, picture hooks etc, as well as re-felting shed roofs and repairing creaky floorboards. The list is endless, so if you have a repair you need looking at, just ask.

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