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Personal Support

There are times when you need support, not to go out on social trips and activities, but for more personal reasons. For example, you may need to go out to visit the doctor, or go for a medical appointments, but feel too anxious or unsteady to do so alone.


Doctor's surgeries and hospitals can be daunting places, especially if you are already worried about something; but don't worry because you don't have to go through it on your own.


We will come to your home, and support you from your door to your destination. We don't just leave you there, as we will then support you through the whole process while you find the right place to go, register your attendance and wait. Afterwards we will then support you to get safely back home again. Literally from Door to Door and all the way through.

We strongly believe that your own choices are important in maintaining your positive mental health. How would you like to get out and browse the local shops or a supermarket for your weekly shopping? We collect you from home, support you to walk around, give advice on healthy eating for a healthier lifestyle if you would like, browse and go shopping for yourself, and then assist you back home. We will even help you to put your shopping away if you like, before leaving you to relax again, happy with the choices you have made.

Of course, we also understand that to be vulnerable in any way can also feel very lonely. We don't expect everyone to want to be out and about, and so we also have a companionship service that we offer.


Sometimes, a chat and some understanding from a friendly person can mean the world to us all. Individuals who may suffer with illnesses such as depression and anxiety especially benefit from this service. With our understanding, we can empathise through conversation in your own home, and can even offer support to other agencies who can provide therapies. 






Here at Dawe to Door, we believe that if all agencies work together for your benefit with you, then we can all help to improve your quality of life much easier. The multi-agency approach that we use has raised confidence, reduced physical illness and created a really strong positive mental outlook. Put your trust in us, and we can show you how it works!

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