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Physical & Mental Wellbeing

Physical health and Mental health go hand in hand with each other. Here at Dawe to Door Community Support we encourage you to go past looking good on the outside, to feeling good on the inside with our community exercise classes.

Quickly, one space has just come availab

Rockbox is a non-dance, cardiovascular workout using the heavy beats of Rock music, drumsticks and air guitars!

Using non-contact boxing movements for a great rise in heart rate, mixed with some super toning with drumsticks, this workout raises fitness levels, helps to get out unwanted anger and aggression and is often referred to as Anger Management Therapy by class-goers!


ShaBumba is a dance class, based on the popular Zumba styles; but with a twist!

The idea behind the class is to empower and vitalise participants to move and dance to upbeat music, enjoy the beats, embrace their inner Diva. 

Using music from across genres and different decades, the class will ensure a good workout without even realising it. We stretch, tone and move the body to give great physical benefit, while working on raising body confidence and owning our natural beauty.

Both classes are carried out to a highly positive standard, using high energy and participant encouragement to promote social interaction and making friendship bonds, using the body's own natural feel-good chemicals as a natural anti-depressant and also providing improved physical and mental health.

Please email for class details.

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